Unlock Every Room's Full Potential

Unlock Every Room's Full Potential

Count on us for basement finishing and room conversions in Madison, TN

Are you treating your unfished basement, garage or attic like a glorified storage closet? Don't waste a single square foot of space in your home. Turn to Custom Design Renovators for basement finishing, garage conversions and other build-outs in Madison, TN. We'll listen closely to your needs and budget to redesign and repurpose any room in your home.

Our attic and garage conversions can be fitted with new plumbing, electric and HVAC to create a fully functional space. Call now to discuss your ideal room conversion project today.

Make the most of your valuable basement space

It's common for homeowners to leave their basements unfinished when they move in, assuming they'll get around to it later. But years go by and the basement is a concrete dungeon. Contact us for basement finishing services to transform your dark and musty space into a:

  • Home theater
  • Living room
  • Bar and entertainment area
  • Game room
  • Home office

Whether you simply need an extra TV room or a full-blown bar and kitchen with new plumbing fixtures, Custom Design Renovators can get it done right.